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Be Healthy. Get Fit and Stay Fit.

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Sports Performance Training

With this program, our dedicated trainers will provide you with a training regimen that will boost your balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength.

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Functional Fit /Circuit TRAINING

Functional fitness exercises mimic everyday tasks that can still train your muscles effectively. On the other hand, circuit training allows you to achieve your training goals through a fast-paced, high-intensity work out.

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Olympic Lifting

Our trainers can help boost your core strength, improve your posture and balance, increase your power, and they can provide you with weightlifting techniques that allows you to get the most out of your workout.

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Personal one-on-one training sessions and group training sessions available…

About The COACH

Know more about Corey Dickson who specializes in lifting, plyometrics, and speed training…


A few simple steps to help you get healthier, fitter and stronger…


Strength And Conditioning

Work your muscles and tone your body! Be motivated to achieve your goal.


Do you need meal planning tips? Trying to eat healthy? Get helpful information here…

Upcoming EVENTS

Be part of our upcoming events and activities. We hope to see you there!