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About The Coach

Corey DicksonMeet Corey Dickson

Corey is the head coach and founder of Dark Knight Sports Training. He has been a part of the exercise and fitness industry since 2000. As a former athlete, he has a personal experience with strength and conditioning workout programs. He is proud to have the opportunity to share his knowledge in Olympic power lifting, plyometrics, and speed training with athletes and individuals. He has a background in kinesiology and completed and received his certification as a level one Olympic weightlifting coach, and level one amateur sprint coach.

He has acquired the knowledge, methods, and practical experience to put together workout routines that improves athletic and individual performance with the proper movement patterns and exercises designed to work on specific parts of the body. He has the knowledge to personalize the training to match the athletes and individuals specific needs.

He is a great motivator, and he is truly passionate in developing athletes and individuals into champions in their respective sports by helping them reach and realize their maximum athletic potential.